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Having well-developed, comprehensive, up-to-date policies and procedures in place is essential in the modern workplace. These documents set standards for the business via a set of rules and principles that guide employees in how to behave in the workplace, as well as addressing different issues such as bullying, harassment, internet use, health and safety and social media to name just a few.


If you are a time challenged HR manager or busy running a business - finding time to keep on top of changes in workplace legislation and applicable best practice processes is complex and challenging. Don’t take unnecessary risks by downloading static templates.

The Buzz-IQ library contains over 230 ER & WHS contracts, policies and forms - designed to remain up-to-date with changes in legislation, and integrated in a single system. Content management and legislative compliance is maintained by EMA Consulting, with updates sent directly to the subscriber for review. Notes on their use and application are included with each document.

Buzz-IQ documents are easily managed as they are integrated into the resources area of your EMSpro portal and are automatically updated with changes in best practice and legislation.

To learn more speak to a consultant or click on the links to see what is included in the ER and Contracts suites and the WHS suites.


Individual documents

However, if you only need one or two documents, we can facilitate that for you as well. Speak to one of our consultants or download the ER Policies via the order form.

Right of Entry

EMA Consulting's Management Guide for Right of Entry (ROE Guide) provides constitutional employers with an easy to use management process for understanding their rights and obligations when entry is sought to a site under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Act), by registered employee organisations.

Given the risks associated with managing right of entry for registered employee associations, understanding this area of the law makes a lot of business sense.

Pricing for the ROE Guide is also included in the order form.




  1. Enterprise Bargaining

    Enterprise Bargaining resources for employers seeking Enterprise Bargaining Agreements with employees in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009.

  2. Work Health and Safety
  3. Redundancy and Restructure
  4. Other Resources