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Workplace Training

Business owners, leaders, managers and practitioners require the technical knowledge and practical skills to manage what can be challenging situations and processes with confidence. Training with EMA Consulting provides attendees with useable skills and knowledge that can be applied in the workplace. All training is presented on the fundamental basis of compliance with workplace laws.

  • Workplace Training
    EMA Consulting provides training based on compliance with workplace laws, empowering attendees with skills and knowledge that can be applied in the workplace.
  • Leader Led Management
    Managing employee performance and behaviour forms the foundation of an organisation's compliance, effectiveness and culture.





We provide customised training courses and workshops to suit our clients’ needs. Principal objectives of our training courses are for attendees to obtain useable skills and knowledge which can be applied upon their return to the workplace, whilst achieving the necessary compliance with workplace laws.

Where appropriate our training is accompanied by additional resources to assist attendees when drawing on the skills and knowledge obtained during training.

Available onsite and as a public course

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Webinars - Online Training


Our online training is delivered using GoToTraining® and is engaging, practical and focussed on achieving understanding and compliance. The courses incorporate interactive case studies and assessments that are dynamically generated to verify participant understanding.

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