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  • Our Approach
    We combine our knowledge of employment law with our consulting experience to deliver training that provides simple and practical guidance aimed at compliance and best practice.
  • High Performance Workplaces
    Ensure that leaders at all levels have the knowledge and skills to be able to consistently manage performance and behaviour. Consistency bolsters trust in leadership.

EMA Training

For more than two decades, across a vast variety of industry sectors, EMA Consulting has focused on providing clients with the knowledge that is necessary to manage employees consistent with the notion of a high-performance workplace. 

Consequently, our training is focused on distilling workplace laws so that participants augment both their knowledge of relevant laws and their understanding of best practice processes.


EMA Consulting's training courses are presented on the fundamental basis of compliance with workplace laws, and are designed to support the development of high performance workplaces via two key pillars:

• Take pride in their performance and behaviours
• Respect their leaders

• Consistently manage performance and behaviour
• Build strong relationships via genuine conversations




Public Training Courses


In addition to our training courses and workshops designed to suit the needs of our individual clients, we also schedule regular public training courses.  These public training courses are suited to an organisation with only a small number of employees requiring the training.

Where appropriate our training is accompanied by additional resources to assist attendees when drawing on the skills and knowledge obtained during training.

Public courses are currently delivered in our Training Room at Hindmarsh SA.

For client based training options, please refer to the courses above, or contact us to discuss a customised course

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