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The first batch of revised modern awards will commence on 4 February 2020. How will it affect your organisation?

Starting in 2020, the Fair Work Commission will extensively vary existing awards as a result of the 4-yearly review of modern awards.

The first batch of 31 revised awards has now been published. They commence operation on 4 February 2020, and you can see which awards are in that batch and access the new awards on the Modern awards list on the Commission’s website.

If there are any outstanding substantive or common issues claims that have not yet been finally determined, they will be incorporated into the varied awards by way of a subsequent variation determination. These include items such as the new provisions on annualised salaries commencing in March 2020 for affected awards.

The next batch of 41 revised awards is due to be finalised soon. The next hearing is scheduled for 18 December.

If your employees are covered by an affected award

Organisations should review the new award and adjust any internal processes for compliance. They should also review their templates for letters of offer to ensure consistency with the 2020 award, including using the new name for the award.

If your employees are covered by an enterprise agreement

In most cases there will be no immediate change because the award usually will not apply while an enterprise agreement is in operation. However, if you are currently negotiating a new agreement, you should be familiar with the new award in case changes affect your bargaining or the Better Off Overall Test.

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