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Harassment in the Workplace

  • Is your organisation doing everything reasonably practicable to manage the risk of harassment in the workplace?

  • Can you prove your employees understand what is and what is not harassment

In addition to other laws, workplace safety laws place a strict obligation on businesses, officers, workers and other persons to ensure the health and safety of persons in the workplace.

As we all know, harassment (including workplace bullying) poses a serious risk in the workplace including death. It is essential that all duty holders can establish that they have complied with their duty in relation to preventing and managing the risks associated with this unacceptable behaviour. A critical element of that duty for an employer is education and ensuring all workers understand their obligations, including the obligation to report.

This course provides the necessary information for all attendees to easily understand the seriousness of this type of behaviour, their respective obligations in respect of it and consequences of noncompliance.

Course content:

  • Effects of harassment
    - On victims
    - On others
    - On the employer
  • Why do people harass
  • Various forms of harassment
    - Workplace Bullying
    - Racial Harassment
    - Sexual Harassment
    - What isn’t harassment
  • Social media and out of hours conduct
  • Laws governing harassment
  • Workers obligations in relation to harassment
  • Costs related to harassment
  • Vicarious liability and defences
  • Case Studies