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How well are your systems and processes documented?

As regulatory burdens, and competition for attracting and retaining quality employees increase, it’s hard for employers to maintain effective and compliant people and safety processes.

The above chart shows employer success rates at arbitration for unfair dismissal applications are declining – this is concerning especially considering these are the cases where the employer thought they got it right!

It is important that employers have quality and consistency in their processes in relation to employees – for both compliance and building effective productive working relationships. To ensure clarity and consistency these should be documented, maintained and distributed effectively. Start your internal review by answering these questions:

• What documented processes does your organisation have?
• Do you only have the ones you need?
• Are they consistent with relevant laws and best practice?
• How is legal and best practice consistency maintained?
• How do you ensure the right people are accessing the right documents easily; and can you check if they have done so?

If you are ready to improve your processes, subscribing to Buzz-IQ will provide peace of mind by ensuring your business has the relevant policies, procedures and subordinate documentation to assist compliance with workplace legislation and current best practice.

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