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Products, Features and Services


  1. Telephone advice (in-house IR consultants)

    Telephone advice (TAS) is provided by experienced and professional Industry Experts who actively practice in the areas of industrial relations and general human resource practice. Subscribers are assured of professional and practical advice at all times.

    TAS enables employers and their nominated managers to obtain instant telephone advice on employment and workplace related issues. Clients can make calls on our toll-free number for up to 15 minutes on any new issue, and there is no limit on how many times a client can access the service.

    Where the matter is of a particularly technical nature or has the potential to cause significant risk to the client, we may recommend seeking written advice or other services as necessary.

    Given the risks in making wrong decisions as an employer, subscribing to TAS makes a lot of business sense.

  2. Email updates & newsletter

    Periodic emails with updates on employment law and monthly reviews of recent FWC decisions.

  3. Webinar & videos

    Access to all EMA Consulting webinars: training, FWC decision updates or key topics for small business.

  4. Tech/Admin support

    As a subscriber, administration and technical support is provided during normal business hours. This service can be easily accessed by telephone.

  5. Documents

    IR policies and procedures, WHS policies and procedures, Contracts of Employment & Letters of Offer

    Having well-developed, comprehensive, compliant HR & WHS policies and procedures in place is essential in the modern workplace. The Buzz-IQ library contains over 50 suites of contracts, policies and forms – designed to remain up-to-date with changes in legislation.

    Content management and legislative compliance is maintained by EMA Consulting, with updates sent directly to the employer for review. Notes on their use and application are included with each document.

  6. Document manager

    Cloud based portal allows you to easily save, search and access any of your employement and safety documents with any internet ready device.

  7. Performance & Behaviour Management tool – EMSlite

    This entry level, cloud based product will help you manage performance or behaviour when employees are not meeting expectations. It is a single user system which safeguards businesses by managing workplace investigations, misconduct, poor performance, complaints, counselling, warnings and termination of employment.

  8. Safety reporting & management tool – HIR

    This is a hazard and incident reporting system providing employers with a simple online process for the consistent notification and reporting of hazards and incidents relating to the employers workplace(s).

  9. ‘PRO’ products for top package

    For subscribers to ERIQs top level package (100+ employees) – discount on subscriptions to EMSpro and WHIMSpro.

    Learn more about EMSpro

    Learn more about WHIMSpro

  10. Insurance Assist

    Do you you have Employment Relations Insurance?
    Do you know what it covers?

    If you are unsure and want to learn more about business insurance and what cover might best suit you, we can make it easy for you.

    Don’t sign up for something you may not need. Contact us to discuss your options.

  11. Prepaid, discounted consulting

    Choose from a 10 or 20 hour block of discounted consulting

    Prepaid, discounted consulting (10 & 20 hour blocks) is available to all ERIQ subscribers and can be purchased separately at any time during the subscription cycle.

  1. HR Desktop Audit

    Our Industry experts will thoroughly review your current polices, contracts, documents and modern awards (if applicable) to determine whether you and your business are meeting your compliance obligations under Australian employment laws, and provide a best practice recommendation at the conclusion of the audit.

  2. Cloud based portal

    Our cloud based technology solution is accessible via login allowing access to a suite of documents and helpful tools.

  3. File Notes online tool

    File notes are an essential risk management tool that is often overlooked.

    With built-in management levels (determined by your subscription) to assist with work-flow and reporting, businesses can track important employee conversations and observations that relate to positive outcomes, disciplinary issues, safety incidents, etc.

    As part of the implementation of ERIQ, the Files Notes tool will be made available to clients within 14 days of the subscription start.

  4. Discounted services for subscribers

    10% Discounted consulting
    10% Discounted training

  5. Welcome pack

    Each employer will receive a welcome document briefly outlining what can be expected from ERIQ and how to use the services and documentation included.

  6. Invitation to events

    Will also include invitations to quarterly networking events

  7. Advice & representation

    At the core of EMA Consulting’s servcies are qualified and experienced industrial relations consultants.

    They will support you and your business by providing technically correct advice and representation when industrial action is threatened, occurring, or an employee issue needs resolving.

  8. Account Manager

    Each ERIQ package subscription includes a dedicated account manager.

  9. Discounted products for subscribers

    Depending on your subscription level, discount is available on Buzz ‘Pro’ products & Buzz-IQ

  10. Modern awards finder

    Modern awards apply to all employees covered by the national workplace relations system. This will provde you with an overview of all Awards and how they may apply to your employees.

  11. Associations

    If you are a member of an association, ask us or your association – how ERIQ can help?