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EMA Consulting are aware that a number of clients that we work with have been contacted by businesses offering employee relations support packages, including Employsure.  If you are considering an employment relations package from a service provider, we recommend that you exercise due diligence in relation to them all, particularly the IR expertise and experience behind them.  Recently the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced it has initiated proceedings against Employsure for engaging in the misleading advertising and unconscionable conduct, in breach of Australian Consumer Law.  See below media release containing further details:

If you have been contacted by Employsure and are considering their services, we strongly recommend you consider the above media release prior to finalising your decision.  Additionally, if you are currently in an ongoing contract with any of the employee relations package providers, including Employsure, and are unsure as to your rights under that contract, we recommend you contact the ACCC for advice.

If you need assistance with regard to your risks, rights and responsibilities associated with ever changing employment relations legislation, and compliance obligations, please do not hesitate to contact any of our experienced consultants for advice. With over 21 years’ experience, EMA Consulting acts exclusively for employers in respect to their needs and obligations arising from Industrial Relations, and associated laws.

If your business is considering an employee relations support package, EMA Consulting have subscription based packages (ERIQ) available, specifically developed to support HR functionality. ERIQ is affordable, enterprise adaptable and suitable for business of any size – from sole traders through to large organisations. To learn more about the products and services included in the subscription package, please click on the link – ERIQ.

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