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Are your documents up-to-date with ever changing workplace laws?

As a HR manager, do you have time to keep updating your policies?

Is the latest version of each policy easily accessible to the relevant people?

Are you able to track who has downloaded and read each policy?

Do you only have the policies your business needs?

If you answered NO to any of the above, your business may not be managing its ER and WHS risks as well as it could.

Buzz-IQ’s Employment Relations and Work Health & Safety documents provide a pragmatic solution to assessing the documents required and ensuring those documents are up-to-date

Get compliant. Get Buzz-IQ.

Don’t take unnecessary risks by downloading static templates. With over 240 ER and WHS documents available, Buzz-IQ includes contracts, policies and forms – ensuring your organisation is utilising best practice. All Buzz-IQ documents are integrated in a single system that will notify subscribers of updates resulting from relevant changes in the law and applicable best practice. Best of all, this system is designed to help you determine what documents your business actually needs – it is never one size fits all.

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