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Innovation, Thinking and Best Practice for Human Resources and Employment Relations.

Managing employee performance and behaviour forms the foundation of an organisation’s compliance, effectiveness and culture.

All organisations experience periods of much-needed culture change in order to achieve the results they need to grow, compete and win.

Where do you start? Look at the behavior in your organisation right now, and imagine how people would act if your company were at its best, especially if their behavior supported your business objectives. Then ask your managers, “If we had the kind of culture we wanted, in pursuit of the company strategy, what kinds of new behaviors would be common? What previous behaviors would be gone?”

However, as part of the process organisations often fail to manage employee performance and behaviour successfully because front line managers lack the skills and confidence needed for difficult conversations.

Changing or improving the culture of a company or team requires focus, accountability and consistency, and it must be supported from the top. Without total and complete buy-in from executives, the desired culture change will fail to be achieved.

Despite there being greater awareness of ‘risk’ culture, very few organisations are in a position to properly tackle it.

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If you require further information or advice on the process required for managing performance and behaviour in your workplace please contact Buzz-ER on (08) 7009 4962.

Who is Buzz-ER?  We are an innovation driven, online software developer for employers. Our intuitive software is designed to improve the management of human resources, industrial relations and workplace safety issues.

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