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22May 2020

The Federal Court has determined that employees cannot access paid personal leave whilst stood down. As detailed in a previous EMA Note, section 524 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (“FW Act”) allows an employer to “stand down an employee during a period in which the employee cannot usefully be employed because of … […]

19May 2020

While the COVIDSafe App may seem like a good way to comply with workplace health and safety requirements, there are some important restrictions on an employers’ ability to force or coerce employees into downloading or using – even on company provided phones.   Following from our previous EMA Notes which include guidance on the employer’s […]

01May 2020

The inability of leaders to effectively manage performance and behaviour is detrimental to workplace culture and unnecessarily exposes the organisation to legal risks. This course dispels the myths surrounding workplace investigations and managing employees and in doing so provides leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to earn respect through managing performance and behaviour related […]

29Apr 2020

The following additional answers have been prepared to help employers to understand the interaction between the ‘minimum payment guarantee’ under the JobKeeper amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 (‘Act’) and the taking of authorised paid and unpaid leave, as well as confirm our changed view in relation to the Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payment […]

24Apr 2020

In response to the economic impact caused by the coronavirus the government recently announced the $130 billion JobKeeper scheme. The aim of this scheme is to help eligible employers keep eligible employees employed. In support of this aim, the Government has also provided JobKeeper eligible employers with increased flexibility via recent temporary amendments to the […]

15Apr 2020

The 2020 versions of 11 more modern awards are now in effect. The Fair Work Commission previously published variations to 11 modern awards from Tranche 2 of the four yearly review of modern awards, with a commencement date of 13 April 2020. The remaining 27 modern award updates in Tranche 2 are set to commence […]

09Apr 2020

As part of its $130 billion support package to combat the economic effects of the COVID pandemic, the government has secured passage of changes the Fair Work Act 2009 (“FW Act”) that increase workforce flexibility for employers who qualify for the JobKeeper scheme.  EMA Consulting will run a webinar to provide further details on Wednesday 15 […]