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Billing Information

Effective 1 July 2019

Note: this information is duplicated from the EMA Consulting General Terms and Conditions.

EMAC Fees are calculated on the basis of time spent on the Services by our Consultants in accordance with the hourly rates current at the time the Services are performed. A current Schedule of Rates is included below. The Schedule of Rates is reviewed on an annual basis.

Consultants Hourly Rate

Excluding GST

Shayne Bakewell $350.00
Rod Reid $350.00
Ashleigh Smith $350.00
Ruth Frenzel $350.00
Chris Ridings $350.00
Nick Mellow $320.00
Melissa Trowbridge $310.00
Ming Hii $310.00
Phoebe Chesser $310.00
Michael Eleftheriou $310.00
Other Rates Hourly Rate

Excluding GST

Specialist Review $350.00
Travel Time $225.00

We do not charge for disbursements such as photocopying and faxing but we do charge for couriers.

If we incur expenses on your behalf such as travel and accommodation, such expenses will be clearly indicated on your tax invoice.

Unless otherwise stated, any total quantum of fees provided in any correspondence provided to you is an indicative estimate only based upon the preliminary information provided by you and our experience with providing similar Services. Unless expressly stated, any fees quoted are not fixed and EMAC reserves the right to render invoices based upon the actual time taken to provide the Services.

EMA Consulting will issue a Tax Invoice that complies with all ATO requirements.

This schedule of rates is updated annually on 1st July.