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Since 2010, the rate of absenteeism in Australia has risen by 7%, while as much as 5% of the Australian workforce calls in sick on any given day. On average, Australian employees take 8.8 unscheduled days off per year with over 90 million working days being lost through unexpected absences. However, the real killer blow is the enormous impact absenteeism has on the Australian economy. As a result of lost productivity, the cost is an incredible $44 billion per annum – and rising.

In addition to the obvious financial burden, there are other costs attributed to absenteeism, which include the effect on staff morale, replacement labour, poor product quality and loss of production.

In 2016 the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) conducted a survey which found that while 80% of respondents believe absence levels in their workplace could be reduced, alarmingly 79% said their workplace did not record the cost of absence.

Managing absenteeism requires good processes and policies, a systematic real-time solution for keeping records, and training for front line managers.

Is your business equipped to manage absenteeism?

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