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EMA Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of the Buzz-ER website!


What is Buzz-ER?

As many clients of EMA Consulting are aware, Buzz-ER is Australia’s newest and most innovative online software designed specifically to assist employers to manage industrial relations and workplace safety issues. All Buzz-ER systems are continually updated according to the ever-changing workplace laws to reduce your risk of expensive employee claims, prosecutions, and fines for breaching workplace laws.


Why are people talking about Buzz-ER?

 Buzz-ER systems, such as EMSpro, are cloud-based and are accessible through a single log-in via your organisation’s customised web portal. Clients are able to set up and customise workflow by allocating roles and permissions to users based on the specific organisation structure.

All Buzz-ER products are supported by a team of experienced and qualified subject-matter experts in industrial relations and workplace safety from EMA Consulting and approved licensees of Buzz-ER, so you can be confident that you are protected. EMA Consulting also provides all technical helpdesk support and administers the additional features of Buzz-ER ‘Plus’ subscription products.


Find Out More

 The Buzz-ER website is now live, so you can find out more by visiting or on facebook or Linkedin.


Require further information/assistance?

 If you require further information or advice, please contact your local Consultant at either our Adelaide or Melbourne offices.



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